Vijay Pandurangan

Vijay Pandurangan

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I invest, advise and teach/consult. I’m a sector-
agnostic angel/seed investor in tech startups, including Wish, Pilot, Celo, BioRender and BigHat Biosciences. I teach BIODS 253 — Software Engineering for Scientists at Stanford University. I am an advisor to Juva Health who are making a mobile-centric biofeedback service to help migraine sufferers.


I consulted with PACT pharma, a cancer immunotherapy biotech company.

I was an entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital in San Francisco. I led Twitter’s New York engineering office and managed a number of consumer engineering projects including Moments. I was CEO and founder of Mitro, a startup that exited to Twitter,
and an engineer at Google from
2002-2009 where I built a number of distributed systems and infrastructure systems.

I often write articles:
I fixed a Linux kernel bug in the veth driver
I discovered that NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission released improperly anonymized taxi logs
I analysed how employees collaborated across sites at Twitter.


I’m very interested in biotech, data privacy, machine learning, telepresence, and distributed systems. Please email me or DM me (@vijaysays).

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