Vijay Pandurangan

Vijay Pandurangan

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I invest, advise and teach/consult. I’m a sector-
agnostic angel/seed investor in tech startups, including Deel, Wish, Pilot, Padlet, BioRender, BigHat Biosciences, Rossum and SourceGraph, currently based in Virginia. I'm an adjunct professor teaching BIODS 253 — Software Engineering for Scientists during Winter Quarters at Stanford University. I also spend a good amount of time thinking about how poor Software Engineering is setting Science back, and what we can do to fix it. If you're working on this problem, please drop me a line!


I consulted with PACT pharma, a cancer immunotherapy biotech company.

I was an entrepreneur in residence at Benchmark Capital in San Francisco. I led Twitter’s New York engineering office and managed a number of consumer engineering projects including Moments. I was CEO and founder of Mitro, a startup that exited to Twitter,
and an engineer at Google from
2002-2009 where I built a number of distributed systems and infrastructure systems.

I often write articles:
Software is Eating Science
I fixed a Linux kernel bug in the veth driver
I discovered that NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission released improperly anonymized taxi logs
I analysed how employees collaborated across sites at Twitter.


I’m very interested in the intersection of software and science, biotech, machine learning, and distributed systems. I'm currently exploring low-friction systems and tools that make it easier for scientists to be more productive, and to improve the quality of their research. If you've been thinking about improving scientific tools, or something similar, please email me or DM me (@vijayp).

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